Holiday road trips will be starting soon. Another way LOF-Xpress™ cares about our customers is by providing tips to keep you prepared when you hit the road, beginning with a pre-travel oil change. Sometimes even when you’ve planned ahead and think you’ve done it all, it’s easy to forget the little things – like gas! Do you know what to do when you hear the dreaded ding of an empty fuel tank? Knowing what to do can make this stressful situation safer and less intimidating.


Stay safe.

Coast to the side of the road, if possible. Put vehicle in park & turn your hazards on. You hazard lights help alert other drivers of your presence, especially if you are unable to move your car out of traffic.

Determine your location.

Hopefully you’re not too far from a gas station, but should you find yourself stuck in unfamiliar territory, navigation apps are the way to go! They can help pinpoint your location and/or find the nearest gas station.

Call for help.

Here are a few good go-to out of gas options:

  • Friends or family available to deliver a gallon or two.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • 411. An operator will answer and be able to advise you of nearby gas stations. There is a standard $1.99 charge
  • Roadside service apps, such as: AAA,, OnStar, Honk, Blink Roadside, or Waze.


It’s a no-brainer, but the easiest way to avoid running out of gas is to keep an eye on the gas gauge. A good rule-of-thumb for saving your fuel pump is to never let your gas tank get below ¼ full.
But, life happens! It’s always a good idea to know your route and where gas stations are located along the route.
In addition to keeping your gas tank full, make sure the rest of your fuel system is in tip-top shape with a quick stop at one of our convenient LOF-Xpress™ locations – we can check & replace your fuel filter & perform a fuel injection cleaning service to keep your engine running smoothly!

LOF-Xpress™ wishes you a very SAFE and HAPPY holiday season!