With Mother’s Day behind us and Dad’s Day on the horizon, it’s time we do a post with our favorite chauffeurs in mind! Parents of little ones (& big ones, too!) are always on the go and some days it can feel like you’re spending more time in the car shuttling, than at home! For this reason, it makes sense for moms and dads to keep their vehicles well stocked with essentials to clean, feed, calm, and entertain! Cars can quickly become a house on wheels and since there isn’t a vehicle large enough to cart around everything you might need, we’ve done our best to narrow it down. So, without further ado, moms and dads, we present: your LOF-Xpress™ approved list of Items Every Parent Should Keep in their Car.

A First Aid Kit.

Buy a pre-packaged version from a reputable seller or assemble your own and make sure to keep it well stocked.

Trash Can.

Store bought or DIY’d – it doesn’t matter as long as you have somewhere to toss the trash! Diapers, wipes, and wrappers…oh my! Stock your vehicle with bags of all sizes – garbage, grocery, gallon and sandwich. They will come in handy to bag up and dispose of leftover food, napkins, tissues, diapers and garbage and to tidy up accidents on the go. Sandwich bags can also help store extra snacks or bundle up crayons and scattered toys.

Clean-up supplies.

Baby wipes or disinfectant wipes can clean sticky fingers and messy faces. They also do double duty when it’s time to wipe down the car’s interior. Paper towels can mop up spills…or worse (think: car sick kids.).

Snacks in re-sealable packaging

“I’m hungryyyyyyy!” is a perpetual backseat complaint. Keep a supply of healthy, shelf-stable snacks in your glove box in resealable packaging. Hungry children aren’t often happy children but if you can give them a bite to eat and a drink to hold them over, it will make the ride go a lot smoother.

Bottled Water.

Of course, it’s a must for thirsty little ones. But! Bottled water can also come in handy for so much more! Use it for washing scrapes/bruises, rinsing fruit, treating stains, or cleaning sticky hands and dirty feet!

A change of clothes.

From accidents and puddle jumps to spills and rainy weather, a change of clothes can sometimes save the day!

Electronic Device Chargers.

Don’t get stuck in a car line with a dead cell phone battery. Keep a charger on hand at all times, so you can keep your phone, tablet and other handheld devices powered up on road trips or extended waits in the car.

By packing your car with these day-to-day essentials, you can make sure the car is a place where your children are comfortable and content as you run daily errands and transport them to and from school and activities.