Behind the efficient and top-notch services at LOF-Xpress™ are technicians and staff who have been trained and certified as experts in the automotive industry. You’ve seen some of them in action, and others are working behind the scenes to ensure we’re delivering on our promise of an oil change unlike any other.

Let us take this opportunity to share about a few of the different types of team members at LOF-Xpress™ and how their job contributes to an overall atmosphere of high quality, technology-enhanced automotive service.

Jordan, Ames Assistant Manager

Upper Bay Technicians and Lower Bay Technicians

When you pull into one of our bays, you may have noticed two sets of friendly faces. Both our Upper and Lower Bay Technicians are focused on performing all services, thrive on our fast-paced environment, and follow all LOF-Xpress™ policies and procedures. In addition, many of our technicians are ASE certified, and our management team is AOCA certified! Basically, they’re great multitaskers – keeping the cars and the customers happy!

Sam, Ames Cashier Team Leader

Shift Leaders and Team Leaders

Shift Leaders at LOF-Xpress™ are responsible for the overall upkeep and appearance of the shop as well as the supervision of our Early Bird (6:00am to 8:00am M-F) and Night Owl (6:00pm to 8:00pm M-F) oil change services! Team Leaders take these responsibilities one step further by overseeing shop operations during our weekend hours and carrying out the training of new employees. Their work results in high-quality vehicle services AND top-notch customer experiences.


You see and hear our friendly cashiers with each and every service. Their focus is on providing you with the best customer service and creating an oil change experience for you to remember!

And let’s not forget our “behind the scenes” Green Team. From Office Administrators and IT Technicians to several tiers of Management, we’ve got a great group of guys and gals that train, supervise, support, and oversee all LOF-Xpress™ operations. We’re proud of the team we’ve put together because these individuals are committed to exceeding expectations in the oil change industry!