Ever wonder what sets LOF-Xpress™ apart from its competitors? Why are we different? And why should YOU trust us with your vehicle? We believe those questions are worth answers, so we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you all you need to know about little old us…

LOF-Xpress™ Oil Change is not just another quick-lube. It’s a model driven by customer choice. Ted Sage, the owner-operator of LOF-Xpress™ Oil Change, previously spent 10 years as the owner of a national quick lube franchise. During that time, Ted saw customers frustrated by the industry-standard “full-service” oil change – a 15+ minute oil change, including a laundry list of additional service requests. Over and over, customers’ consistent demand was “just an oil change.” Thus, the birth of the LOF (Lube, Oil, and Filter) concept.

LOF-Xpress™ Oil Change is built on this simple, yet valuable concept – lube, oil, and filter change in 3-5 minutes. No questions. No additional services. No Bull. The LOF-Xpress service was designed for the busy driver on the go. Whether on lunch break, rushing to class, or picking up the kids, our three-point Xpress oil change drive-thru service provides fast reliable service. For those in need of a more comprehensive service, we offer the LOF PLUS. This is the 3-point LOF service designed for the busy driver to get an oil change and PLUS12-point prevention check within 15-20 additional minutes. No appointments needed EVER.

LOF-Xpress™ Oil Change is also “changing the way your oil gets changed.” We’re giving you a new quick-lube experience. The entire process is automated, beginning with kiosks allowing you to choose from a menu of services you would like to receive. Then, your front window is scanned to retrieve car information which will be automatically saved in the system for your next visit. Finally, you will be able to watch the mechanics service your car from a conveniently located monitor. Customer comfort is also a top priority. You can wait in your car, as part of our in-car experience, and watch the service on the video monitor, or take in some TV on one of or 4 big screens, while you help yourself to a complimentary cup of Caribou coffee, hot chocolate or tea. If you’re receiving the PLUS service you may want to wait in our cozy, Northwoods lounge and enjoy a hot beverage.

Our top priority at LOF-Xpress™ is to bring integrity back to the car care industry! Our shops have cameras and microphones, so you can trust that we are giving it to you straight! No over-charging, no over-diagnosing. Just good old fashioned honesty and customer service.

For your convenience, we are interfacing all your vehicle’s LOF-Xpress™Oil Change service records with CARFAX®. Once you have set up your FREE myCARFAX.com account, you will be able to view not only LOF-Xpress™ Oil Change service records, but ANY/ALL other dealership and repair shop service records that also subscribe to CARFAX®. In this way, you truly have a more complete and comprehensive way of keeping track of your vehicles services in a fully automated, user-friendly way.

We now proudly offer 2 convenient LOF-Xpress™ locations to serve you:

520 S. Duff Ave. in Ames (next to Super Walmart) and 875 SE Oralabor Rd in Ankeny (across from Olive Garden).

Both shops offer our ever-popular “Early Bird Special.” From 6am-8am, Monday-Friday, you can get your oil changed for 30% off!

Whether it’s the Xpress or PLUS service, you can be sure that LOF-Xpress™ Oil Change is about efficiency and quality. So, stop in today. Pop your hood, grab a cup of coffee, and before you know it, you’ll be “Good to Go”.