1. The Harvest Parade

    We could drop a blog post with a bunch of colorful language, gushing about the changing of the seasons, the leaves falling and harvest being right around the corner. The picture to the right would include the undeniable symbol of the season, the ubiquitous pumpkin, maybe surrounded by some dried corn stalks. It would give the readers a warm feeling that brings back memories of frolicking in the fa…Read More

  2. Thanksgiving Travel Tips

    Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, food and, for many of us, lots and lots of driving. So, as you prepare for the long (or short!) drives ahead of you this Thanksgiving, here are a few simple tips to help keep your travels safe: Make sure your vehicle is in good working order. As always, we have you covered! Stop in for the LOF-Xpress™ PLUS Full Service Oil Change and we’ll perfor…Read More

  3. Diesels For the Real World

    Do you have a diesel? If you do, you probably know what the big deal is, the seemingly unlimited mounds of power and torque, coupled with excellent fuel mileage and durability. A diesel engine, whether in a car or a truck, is an excellent choice for an everyday vehicle. At LOF Xpress, we love our diesel customers and are proud to be the diesel engine oil change specialists in Ames. We know our cli…Read More

  4. The Rocket’s Red Glare, Understanding Vehicle Warning Lights

    The rocket's red glare is a line from the National Anthem and was written by Francis Scott Key during the war of 1812. He was on a ship in Baltimore Harbor watching the Battle of Baltimore and was moved to pen the poem when the stars and stripes was still flying at its conclusion. The text describes bombs exploding, and the allusion that the destruction of Baltimore was imminent, if not for the fl…Read More

  5. Road Trip Destinations

    Last time, we talked about the epic road trip that you need to get out there and experience. The Ames area is the perfect place to launch a road trip, we are centrally located and within reach of seemingly a million different places to see and activities to do. So in order to get your creative juices flowing the automotive experts at LOF Xpress, Ames’ premier oil change destination, decided to d…Read More

  6. Road Trip Nation

    The heat is on out there in Ames and the road trip season is upon us. The possibilities are endless and the open road is calling, it is time to answer the call. The superior interstate infrastructure and the American tradition of exploring are responsible for many of our pop culture references. Road movies, driving playlists and spectacular books about travel are ingrained in the psyche of this co…Read More

  7. Oil, A Discussion a Million Years in the Making

    Oil, like most car parts, has changed drastically over the past century since the automobile rose to prominence. Make no mistake, oil is absolutely a car part, complete with a factory part number. Now you may think that all oils are the same but this could not be further from the truth. At LOF-Xpress™ Oil Change, we know oil, in fact, we will go through thousands of gallons this year alone. When…Read More

  8. Protecting Your Vehicle from the Summer Heat

    Iowa heat can be brutal during the summer months and protecting your vehicle from the sun can be tough. Interior vehicle temperatures can reach up to 150 degrees, with areas exposed to direct sunlight reaching up to 195 degrees! Newsflash: That’s HOT! Here are some LOF-Xpress™ approved ways that you can protect your car in the heat this summer: Take care of your cooling system! It’s crucial…Read More

  9. Summer Car Smarts: What to do if your Vehicle Overheats

    Regardless of your vehicle’s year, make, or model, scorching summer days can cause any car to overheat. Iowa summers, especially, require us to pay close attention to the temperature gauge, particularly when climbing steep hills or stuck in stop-and-go traffic. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure a temporary jump in temperature doesn’t lead to long-lasting trouble. T…Read More