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LOF-Xpress™ April 2014 Specials

$6 OFF any PLUS Full Service Oil Change / $2 OFF any XPress Oil Change
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*No coupon required for our Early Bird $8.00 OFF Xpress Oil Change (Mon-Fri 6am - 8am)*
*Power Steering Power Purge Service - $10.00 OFF
Changing your power steering fluid can make a difference especially when it comes to the longevity and performance of your car, particularly on your steering system. A dirty and neglected power steering fluid can greatly resemble that of used engine oil and can possibly compromise the performance of your car and may even create damage to your steering system. A power steering flush is a great preventive maintenance that will save you money in the long run.
*Serpentine Belt Replacement - $10.00 OFF
The service life of a serpentine depends on mileage as well as load, tension and heat. Every time a belt passes around a pulley, it bends and flexes. This produces heat which age hardens the rubber over time. The wear process can be greatly accelerated if the belt is loose and slips because any added friction between belt and pulley makes the belt run even hotter. This can cause glazing on the faces of the belt and cause it to slip even more. Serpentine belts have distinguishable wear patterns that we at the LOF-Xpress™ can identify and replace when necessary, preventing costly repairs in the event the belt breaks under use.
*Fuel Filter Replacement - $5.00 OFF
Fuel filters prevent dirt particles, water or other contaminants from getting into the fuel and blocking some of the fuel injectors and delivery systems causing poor performance. *Does not actually affect gas mileage
*Wiper Blade Replacement - $2.00 OFF
As a safety accessory, your wiper blade must be kept in good working condition to ensure road and driving safety. We carry many major brands that will accommodate your vehicle.
*Air Conditioning Recharge Service - $20.00 OFF
*Summer Special – Cannot combine with other A/C offers*
Have you ever been in a car during hot weather and turned the AC on just to find that it never seems to chill the air? Sometimes, with age, a vehicles air conditioning system needs to get a boost. We have the right tools and equipment to recharge your vehicle air conditioning system bringing back the cold air to keep you cool during the summer months. (no coupon needed)

*Specials Valid Through April 30th, 2014*
*All specials not valid w/ any other offers, coupons or discounts
*National Fleets are not eligible for any in-store specials, offers, coupons or discounts