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LOF-Xpress™ November 2015 Specials

$4 OFF any PLUS Full Service Oil Change / $2 OFF any Xpress Oil Change
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*Brake Fluid Power Purge Service - $10.00 OFF
Most experts recommend replacing your brake system fluid as a preventive maintenance service every two years, or every 24,000 miles. Brake fluid replacement is necessary because fluids absorb moisture over time, which can cause your brakes to under perform when hard braking occurs.
*Spark Plug Replacement Service - $10.00 OFF
Spark plugs light the fire in your engine’s cylinders, firing about 25 times per second during normal driving. If even one of these sparks is missed (called a misfire), you’ll feel it as a momentary stumble in the engine’s performance. While there are many causes of misfire, worn or dirty spark plugs are a common culprit. Additionally, worn spark plugs will cause your vehicle to run less efficiently, which means decreased fuel economy and power. It is generally a good idea to replace conventional spark plugs and cables every 30,000 miles.
*Battery Replacement - $5.00 OFF
For appropriate car care, do not forget your cars' battery. Occasionally, just charging or jump starting your battery is not good enough and you simply must replace your battery with a newer one. We have the right tools to test your battery and provide you with a replacement if necessary.
*Wiper Blade Replacement - $2.00 OFF
As a safety accessory, your wiper blade must be kept in good working condition to ensure road and driving safety. We carry many major brands that will accommodate your vehicle.
*Coolant Power Purge Service - $20.00 OFF
*Winter Special
Coolant (anti-freeze) protects your engine from over heating and from freezing. The coolant's effectiveness can diminish over time and lose many of its protective properties causing your radiator to rust and corrode. The cooling system itself can get clogged with built-up deposits from oil, grease, scale, hose decomposition, and other materials. For the cooling system, the coolant/antifreeze manufacturers recommend changing the coolant once a year and some service manuals stipulate flushing and refilling the radiator every 24 months, regardless of mileage.

*Specials Valid Through November 2015*
*All specials not valid w/ any other offers, coupons or discounts
*National Fleets are not eligible for any in-store specials, offers, coupons or discounts